Clementoni Montessori The Human Body

Age : 3 years + / Box Size : 25.5 * 20 * 8cm Weight : 972 gr Batteries Needed : No

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The Clementoni Montessori The Human Body is an innovative educational game that empowers children aged 3-6 to explore the intricacies of the human body. Featuring a board and a set of cardboard elements, this Montessori-inspired toy allows kids to assemble and learn about the different parts of the body, including the skeleton, muscles, and internal organs. Developed in Italy to the highest safety standards, this interactive game encourages hands-on learning, anatomical knowledge, and a fascination with the human form. With its elegant packaging and engaging design, the Clementoni Montessori The Human Body is an excellent STEM-focused toy that supports early childhood education and development.

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