Glass oil and vinegar cooking jar with 500ML measure

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Salad dressing cooking jar
Cork Tap
500 ML Capacity
Clear Glass
Functional and easy to clean

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This versatile kitchen accessory combines the functionality of an oil jug with a convenient measuring feature. It is designed to streamline your cooking process and ensure accurate oil or vinegar measurements.

The jug features a durable and transparent body, allowing you to easily see the quantity of oil or vinegar inside. It is equipped with clearly marked measurement lines on the side, enabling you to pour the desired amount of oil precisely. The measurements are displayed in metric format.

The jug is designed with a narrow spout, ensuring controlled and mess-free pouring. This feature allows you to direct the oil precisely where you need it, minimizing spills and wastage this spout is closable with a convenient easy to wash tap.

Additionally, the jug includes a secure lid to preserve the freshness and quality of the oil or vinegar inside, preventing unwanted contaminants from entering.

Overall, this kitchen oil jug with a measure is an essential tool for any cooking enthusiast or professional chef. It simplifies the process of measuring and pouring oil or vinegar, making your culinary adventures more precise and efficient.

1 review for Glass oil and vinegar cooking jar with 500ML measure

  1. stephanie-busuttil

    Amazing price for such product. Efficient next day delivery.

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