Premium Quality Kiln Dried Oak firewood firelogs in 45Ltr bag

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British Thermal Units Per Cord For Red Oak 24.6 BTU’s

12 KGS** each bag of Pure Kiln Dried firewood Oak logs packed in a 45 litre bag.
Guaranteed Less than 18% moisture in the logs.
Oak is an long lasting burning hardwood which is good for your fireplace, BBQ, Pizza oven and camping fires.

** KGS indicated above is an indicative amount and is an average calculated over 5 bags of this type of wood.

Introducing our Premium Quality Kiln Dried Oak Firewood in 45 Ltr Bags:

Elevate your fire experience with our Kiln Dried Oak Firewood. Sourced from sustainable oak timber, each piece has undergone a specialized kiln drying process to ensure next to no moisture content ( Less than 18% ), making it the perfect choice for efficient and mesmerizing fires.

🔥 Key Features:

Exceptional Quality: Our oak firewood is selected for its dense, hardwood characteristics, ensuring a longer burn time and captivating flames.

Kiln Dried Perfection: Through advanced kiln drying, we’ve carefully reduced moisture content to ideal levels, guaranteeing easy ignition, minimal smoke, and maximum heat output.

45 Ltr Bags: Conveniently packaged in 45-liter bags, each piece is random in size, making stacking and storage effortless.

Sustainable Choice: Our oak firewood is responsibly sourced, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Versatile Usage: Whether it’s a cozy indoor fireplace or an outdoor gathering around a fire pit, our firewood adds warmth and ambiance to any setting.

🌟 Benefits:

Efficient Burning: Low moisture content ensures a consistent and efficient burn, minimizing ash production and the need for constant tending.

Aesthetic Appeal: The beautiful flames created by our oak firewood provide a visually stunning backdrop for any occasion.

Reliable Performance: Count on a steady heat output, ideal for chilly evenings and gatherings, creating lasting memories.

Cleaner Air: Reduced moisture means fewer emissions and less smoke, contributing to a cleaner and more enjoyable fire experience.

Ignite the extraordinary with our Premium Quality Kiln Dried Oak Firewood. Elevate your fires to new heights of warmth, beauty, and satisfaction. Order now and experience the difference firsthand.

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1 review for Premium Quality Kiln Dried Oak firewood firelogs in 45Ltr bag

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    Amazing price for such product, Efficient delivery 👏 👌.

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