Wooden Baby Walker – Helping to walk Alone – Shape sorter cart

For Children 1 years and Older
Walk alone cart
With building 31pcs various shaped Blocks
Shape sorter cart
Material Plywood / Juniper wood

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Introducing the Baby Walker, an enchanting and interactive companion designed to help little ones take their first steps with confidence and joy! This delightful and safe walking aid is crafted to promote healthy development while providing hours of entertainment for your curious little explorer.


Sturdy Construction: The Baby Walker is built with utmost care, ensuring a solid and durable structure that can withstand the rigors of active babies. Made from child-safe materials, this walker offers both stability and security, allowing parents to rest assured about their little one’s safety.

Walker and Activity Center in One: This versatile baby walker is not only a walking aid but also an engaging activity center. Equipped with an assortment of stimulating colorful building blocks, it offers endless entertainment for curious minds and nimble little hands.

Smooth-Glide Wheels: Equipped with smooth-glide wheels, the Baby Walker effortlessly glides across various floor surfaces, providing unhindered movement for your little one. The wheels are designed to be gentle on floors and won’t leave any marks behind.

Safety Features: Safety is paramount, and the Baby Walker incorporates various measures to protect your baby during those exciting early walking attempts. The sturdy frame and wide base provide excellent stability, preventing accidental tipping over, while the built-in safety stoppers ensure that the walker remains within safe boundaries.

Bright and Engaging Colors: A feast for the eyes, the Baby Walker is adorned with vibrant colors and captivating patterns that excite and stimulate a baby’s senses. Its attractive design is sure to captivate your little one’s attention, encouraging them to explore and develop essential motor skills.

Invest in the Baby Walker today and witness your baby’s journey of discovery as they take their first steps towards independence and exploration. With its safety features, engaging activities, and adorable design, this walker promises to be a cherished companion for your little adventurer.


40cm (H) x 28.5cm x 34.5cm


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