Wooden Deluxe Standing Art Easel / whiteboard chalkboard

For Children 3 years and over
Material Pine wood
Magnetic white board
Black board
Total height around 1 meter
Height adjustable
What is included ?…
Paper Roll
Magnetic Letters
Magnetic Number
4 empty Tubs for water colour mixing
Packet of colourful Chalk
Chalk Duster

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Introducing the MagicArt Playful Standing Adjustable Easel – a world of imagination and creativity at your fingertips! This enchanting easel is designed especially for young artists, who are ready to explore the wonders of painting, drawing, and expressing themselves in the most fun and playful ways.

With its vibrant and cheerful design, the MagicArt easel instantly transforms any space into a magical art studio. Its sturdy, freestanding structure is just the right size for kids like you, and it’s incredibly easy to set up. Whether you want your kids to paint like a professional or sketch your wildest dreams, this easel offers endless possibilities.

What makes the MagicArt easel truly special is its adjustability. You can effortlessly customize the height of the easel to match any height ensuring that you’re always comfortable while creating your masterpieces. Growing taller every day, this easel will grow with you!

The dual-sided design of the easel means you can switch between a classic whiteboard and a spacious chalkboard. Use the whiteboard to explore vibrant watercolors or practice writing your name in rainbow hues. Flip it to the chalkboard side to create dusty masterpieces or play a game of tic-tac-toe with friends and family.

To hold all your art supplies, the MagicArt easel boasts a special tray that can accommodate your paints, markers, chalk, erasers, and more. No more running around to find your tools – everything you need is right at your fingertips, making creativity even more exciting.

Parents will love the sturdy construction and the fact that the MagicArt easel encourages mess-free creativity. The trays are designed to catch any stray paint splatters or chalk dust, keeping your space tidy and your artwork the star of the show.

Get ready to embark on an artistic adventure with the MagicArt Playful Standing Adjustable Easel. Unleash your imagination, create dazzling artworks, and watch your creativity come to life on this wonderful easel that’s as playful as you are!


120cm (H) x 56cm x 54cm


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