Inflatable Pineapple pool float

Inflated Size : 177cm x 108cm wide

Vibrant yellow and tropical colors

Made out of eco friendly PVC EN71 standard with SGS test report

Comes packed in nice box


Availability: In stock

This pineapple pool float is a vibrant and eye-catching inflatable accessory that adds a touch of tropical fun to any pool party or beach gathering. Shaped like a giant pineapple, this float exudes a sense of playfulness and whimsy, instantly creating a festive and cheerful atmosphere.

Crafted with attention to detail, the pineapple pool float features a spacious and comfortable platform that allows you to relax and soak up the sun in style. The float is made from durable and sturdy materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of water play and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Its large size provides ample space for lounging, allowing you to stretch out and unwind as you float effortlessly on the water’s surface. You can recline comfortably against the float’s backrest or simply bask in the warm rays while gently swaying with the gentle waves.

The pineapple design is rich in vibrant colors, capturing the essence of a tropical paradise. Its bright yellow exterior and intricate details, such as the textured surface resembling the skin of a pineapple and the lush green crown on top, add to the float’s visual appeal, making it a standout feature in any pool or beach setting.

In addition to its aesthetic charm, the pineapple pool float offers practical features. It is easy to inflate and deflate, allowing for hassle-free setup and storage. It also provides excellent stability in the water, thanks to its wide base and carefully designed shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable floating experience.

The pineapple pool float is not only a delightful accessory but also a great conversation starter. Its unique and whimsical design is sure to catch the attention of friends and fellow swimmers, sparking laughter and joy as you lounge in its tropical embrace.

Whether you’re looking to relax, soak up the sun, or simply make a splash, the pineapple pool float is a fantastic choice. It adds a touch of tropical charm and a sense of carefree adventure to your water activities, allowing you to enjoy the summer vibes in the most delightful way.


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