Large Inflatable Pizza pool float

Yellow Colour mimicking pizza toppings and crust

Inflated size : 180 * 155cm

Made out of eco friendly PVC EN71 standard with SGS test report

Original price was: €40.38.Current price is: €30.28.

Availability: In stock

This pizza pool float is an inflatable pool float that resembles a mouthwatering and iconic slice of pizza. Made from durable PVC. The pizza float features a large, triangular slice design, reminiscent of a real pizza. It shows vibrant colors, mimicking the appearance of a delicious pizza with its golden crust, melted cheese, and assorted toppings and peperoni. The pizza pool float adds a playful and mouthwatering touch to any pool or beach gathering, allowing you to lounge, soak up the sun, and indulge in a slice of floating relaxation.


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